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Brain Power: 2 Months Microdosing + Lion's Mane

Brain Power: 2 Months Microdosing + Lion's Mane

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30 portions of dry Microdosing + 120 Lion's Mane extract capsules

Microdosing and Lion's Mane extract make for the perfect daily brain food. With daily Lion's Mane and microdosing every other day, you can quickly and efficiently build up your brain power naturally.


- Daily Lion's Mane (2 capsules per day)
- Microdosing every 2nd day
- best taken in the morning after breakfast


- 30 portions of dried Microdosing truffles
- 120 vegan capsules of Lion's Mane extract


- activates the brain's neuroplasticity
- releases BDNF for brain growth (brain-derived neurotrophic factor)
- helps build up long-term resistance to stress
- alleviates inflammation and boosts immunity


- store dark, at room temperature
- super long shelf life, easy to take with you


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