Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Orders fall under the following conditions:

1) Ordering is ultimately at the customer's risk.

ProviThor ships internationally.

That's a lot of countries with a lot of different legal situations that are susceptible to changes. It is the customer's responsibility to check on and keep up with the legal situation of our products in the country in which you intend to receive them.

2) All paid orders will be sent diligently and as soon as possible (usually by about noon of the next workday). We aim to track and trace every shipment, but there is no guarantee covering lost or damaged parcels.

  • ( But note that customs often have horrible product recognition skills - there is a chance your shipment may be misidentified. The most common misidenification being truffles identified as "psilocybin mushrooms".
    It is therefore a good idea to ALWAYS contact us if you get in any such situations, as they can often be resolved very quickly. )

3) ProviThor does not sell to minors.

To make a purchase, you must be at least 18 years old and willing to act your age. This entails behaving responsibly with our products: They are for self-exploration and -improvement, to be taken only in safe environments and with friendly people.

Reading our product information also plays into responsible behavior.

We do not cover for any botched attempts of, for example, growing out mushroom kits without reading instrucitons first.

By purchasing our products, you agree to taking full responsibility for the outcome of intaking any of our products. Note that there is a potential risk to ingesting literally anything, including medicinal, non-psychotropic mushrooms (as is the case in life, people have died from drinking water the wrong way).

The potential health benefits of magic mushrooms and truffles are enormous and beyond the current comprehension of contemporary medicine, but not risk-free.